Tamil Nadu
F. I.


Setting up of Rural Self-Employment Training Institutes (RSETIs)

A) Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India issued guidelines envisaging infrastructure funding assistance from GOI, allotment of land free of cost by respective State Government etc., and advised Banks to set up RSETIs.

All the Four Banks having Lead District responsibilities have since opened RSETIs in the lead districts allotted to them.

B) Allotment of land to RSETI by State Government:

As per the revised guidelines dated 31.12.2010 issued by Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India on establishment of RSETIs in all the districts in the country, Government of Tamil Nadu proposes to allot the land for construction of the building in the name of BDOs and the possession would be given to the Bank establishing RSETI by way of a tripartite agreement to be entered among the BDO, Bank and the P.O.Mahalir Thittam.

The Lead Banks which have established RSETIS may approach the respective District Collectors for allotment of land. Copy of the guidelines dated 31.12.2010 and letters of Managing Director, TNCDW dated 27.01.2012 and 28.02.2012 are enclosed as annexures.